Volunteering Experience and Community Service Essay

In the following community service essay, I’m going to explain my own position concerning volunteering and student participation in it.

I have never even imaged that community service could become such an important experience in my life. There are a lot of reasons to think so. Having an ability to help someone and using this chance teaches you to understand and compassionate to others. This appeared to be very educational and useful for me as a person.

To find these feelings you don’t have to search for hours confused whether somebody needs your attention. There are always a lot of chances to assist those people who really need it right around the corner in your neighborhood. You can take care of those things, which you believe in. It doesn’t take all your time or replace any parts of your life. You can always spend and donate as much time as you want on volunteering activities.


My Personal Contribution to Community Service Essay

Several years ago a very interesting idea appeared in my head. I wanted to become a volunteer at the animal shelter. So, I found a shelter, which was not far from my place and started to gain experience in this kind of job. To tell you the truth, in the beginning, I wasn’t very excited or motivated, because I wasn’t sure how many people were there and what would I particularly do there. But very soon, I got acquainted with all the employees and animals, kept in their shelter and began to enjoy every minute and second spent there. Every day I looked forward to going to the shelter and having fun with my colleagues and, of course, animal inhabitants. They made me smile and feel better even on the gloomiest days. It was definitely a worthwhile experience.

Very often when I’d come there I would observe many other kids, who also was engaged in volunteering. Some of them came there only because of their obligation of having service hours for school. They just set in the corner of the room, killing time and messing about, not understanding what useful experience they missed. But other students enjoyed spending time in the shelter so much, they came even after their school service hours were completed. For them, that shelter was something more than a simple obligation. Maybe it was like a second home.

Community service brings not only a mental satisfaction but also a practical value. You can surely indicate a fact of volunteering experience on your application or a resume. There are some cases when community service is an important part of high school graduation. The previous year we even had to write a paper, whether we considered it to be a good idea or not to implement obligatory 70 hours of community service for university students. I accept that proposal immediately. Moreover, I think students should be allowed to choose the place for volunteering by themselves. I am 100% sure that this is a wonderful chance for young people to develop their humane features.

I’m sure I will carry my wonderful experience of volunteering through my whole life, trying to share my ideas with other people via such short but informative community service essay. It is not only important and instructive experience but also a very pleasant and enjoyable activity. I like being helpful for this world. And I hope this community service essay inspires you to stand up and to make a difference today.